What’s New in Chargeback Manager 2.7.3

In March 2017 VMware released vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.7.3. The main reason why to upgrade to the new release is that it adds full support for vCloud Director 8.20.

So what is new? From the security standpoint TLS 1.2 is now supported and also Java and Tomcat are updated with the latest security patches. There is a new way of collection of network resources consumption. It the pre-8.20 releases of vCloud Director, the configuration of network services was stored in vCloud Director audit table and available via vCloud API used by Chargeback Cloud collector. Chargeback vShield collector was used only for collection of external network transfer using vShield API against vCNS/NSX Manager.

When advanced networking services are configured in vCloud Director 8.20, these changes are no longer tracked by vCloud Director audit table. Chargeback thus relies on NSX API to collect the status of the services. This also means, that if these services are enabled directly in NSX, Chargeback will track them.

The following networking services are tracked by Chargeback:

New networking services:

  • Dynamic routing (OSPF/BGP)
  • L2 VPN
  • Distributed firewall (enabled at Org VDC level)

Legacy networking services:

  • DHCP
  • Edge Firewall
  • Edge Gateway High Availability
  • NAT
  • Static routing
  • Enabled IPSec VPN Tunnel Count
  • Load Balancer

Metering of external networks is unchanged.

3 thoughts on “What’s New in Chargeback Manager 2.7.3

  1. Hi Tom, this is quite contradictory. Chargeback Manager has been slated for deprecation for years now: in it place, VMWare have been advising vCAN partners to move to vRealize Business for Cloud or third party metering tools e.g. OnApp. Its now only available on vCAN in the 5 point bundle (not even allowable to license it separately). And this bundle excludes NSX… Can you explain where VMWare is going with this? Andrew.

  2. Hello Tomas,
    What is the alternative option for Chargeback for vCloud 10.2 normal version?

    I know there is a management pack Ops manager but seems it’s only for the service provider version and not able to use for normal 10.2 version?

    I’m doing POC and working on 10.2 so need a tool like chargeback to use for tenants, Please advice.

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