VCSA Convergence: Failed to Get RPMs

One of my vSphere 6.7 U3 environments I am managing was still using external Platform Services Controller (PSC) from times when it was the prescribed architecture. That is no longer the case so to simplify my management I wanted to get rid of the external PSC via so called Convergence to embedded PSC.

Unfortunately although there is a very nice UI to do this it never worked for me. And I did try multiple times. The error I always ended up was:

Failed to get RPMs.

The /var/log/vmware/converge/converge.log log did not show any error, but what was peculiar there was this entry referring to download of VCSA 6.5.0 files?!

2019-10-29T16:02:01.223Z INFO converge currentURL =
2019-10-29T16:02:01.223Z INFO converge Manifest file =

These are obviously not correct for my 6.7 U3 VCSA appliance. This VMware Communities thread finally pushed me in the right direction.

Here are the steps how to resolve this:

  1. Delete content of /root/vema directory on VCSA
  2. Download correct VCSA ISO installation media corresponding to the version of your VC. In my case it was the full 4 GB VMware-VCSA-all-6.7.0-14836122.iso. The patch media VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- cca 2 GB large did not work.
  3. Mount the ISO to your VCSA
  4. Re-run the convergence via the UI

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