Non-elastic Allocation Pool VDC with Flex?

This came up on provider Slack and I want to preserve it for future.

Question: Can the provider create Flex type Org VDC where the tenant would get allocation of certain CPU capacity (in GHz) and they could deploy as many VMs as they wish while limited by the CPU allocation?

Example: the VDC has 10 GHz allocation and the tenant is able to deploy 3 VMs each with 2 vCPUs at 2 GHz (which is in total 12 GHz) but they will altogether be able to consume only up to 10 GHz of physical vSphere resources.

This is basically the old legacy non-elastic allocation pool type VDC where the VDC is backed by single vCenter Server Resource Pool with the limit equal to the CPU allocation. As of VCD 5.1.2 there is ability to enable elasticity of such VDC but it behaves differently and is done at whole VCD instance level. So can you create similarly behaving VDC with the new Flex type (introduced in VCD 10.0).

Answer: Yes. Create non-elastic Flex VDC with the allocation and enable CPU limit. Then create VM sizing policy with vCPU speed set to 0 GHz and make it default for the Org VDC.


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