vROps Tenant App Upgrade Issue

While performing vROps Tenant App 2.6.2 upgrade in my lab I have encounter the following error:
Failed to install updates(Error while running installation tests).

Quick check of the /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/updatecli.log shows that the appliance is running out of free space on the root / partition.

24/02/2022 15:01:34 [INFO] Running /opt/vmware/var/lib/vami/update/data/job/32/test_command
Verifying packages…
Preparing packages…
installing package tenant-app-8.6.0-18724818.noarch needs 1231MB on the / filesystem
24/02/2022 15:01:41 [ERROR] Failed with exit code 56576

The reason why this is happening is that the tenant app runs as a docker container and the older versions have not been purged. I can see in my particular case I have above 7 GB of docker images on the filesystem:

root@tenantapp [ /var/lib/docker/overlay2 ]# du -h -d 0
7.5G    .

/var/lib/docker/overlay2 ]# docker image ls
REPOSITORY                                 TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.6.2-19235005      057345d369fd        5 weeks ago         634MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   latest              057345d369fd        5 weeks ago         634MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.6.2-19235005      4e90d15d3116        5 weeks ago         396MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             latest              4e90d15d3116        5 weeks ago         396MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.6.2-19235004      de4cb469fb65        5 weeks ago         309MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         latest              de4cb469fb65        5 weeks ago         309MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.6.1-18326916      3b7ef9b0c10c        7 months ago        597MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.6.1-18326916      b66e34b5d59b        7 months ago        368MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.6.1-18326915      f97bc56c3d61        7 months ago        286MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.6.0-17922920      0d5eb9de1cb7        10 months ago       581MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.6.0-17922920      3ffdeee597ca        10 months ago       354MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.6.0-17922919      b23bd4eb6a2d        10 months ago       268MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.5.0-16990343      af72dbf16623        16 months ago       536MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.5.0-16990343      62b09bd2a0a2        16 months ago       252MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.5.0-16941875      1217f67efd9d        17 months ago       190MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.4.0-15996298      a0d906a5cc5a        22 months ago       494MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.4.0-15996298      777fe7bc0c1f        22 months ago       240MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.4.0-15996297      b85369dbf061        22 months ago       180MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra   2.3.0-14826918      556121e468da        2 years ago         466MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui             2.3.0-14826918      eb77c613e9ad        2 years ago         224MB
vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin         2.3.0-14826917      e598e66d4818        2 years ago         158MB

After checking with Tenant App engineering, the problem has been fixed in the newest (8.6.1) version that does purge the old images upon successful upgrade. But if you hit the issue you will need to cleanup the old images with the follwing command:

docker image rm -f <image ID>

BTW if you delete wrong images you can always recreate them with the following commands:

docker load -i /opt/vmware/app/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-ui.tar.gz
docker load -i /opt/vmware/db/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-db-cassandra.tar.gz
docker load -i /opt/vmware/plugin/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin.tar.gz

Update 3/3/2022
I have noticed the Self Health page on Tenant App admin UI in the Support section did not display any running services even though they (the docker containers) were running properly. After checking with engineering this can be fixed by modifying permissions of docker.sock file with:

chmod 666 /run/docker.sock

Before fix
After fix

One thought on “vROps Tenant App Upgrade Issue

  1. Thanks for this post. I had the same issue. Tenant app 2.6 release notes also has a workaround which worked for me;

    Workaround: Run the ‘docker image prune -a’ to clear the space in Tenant App without affecting the functionality.

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