PowerCLI: Open vCloud Director VM in Standalone VM Console

A short Powershell script I wrote to demonstrate how to open vCloud Director VM console in the (Windows) Standalone VM Console.

$vm = get-CIVM 'CentOS7'
$vmrcPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Remote Console\vmrc.exe"
$mks = $vm.ExtensionData.AcquireMksTicket()
$thumbprint = $mks.Ticket.Substring($mks.Ticket.get_Length()-61,59)
$parameter = "vmrc://$($mks.Host)/?thumbprint=$($thumbprint)&path=$($mks.Vmx)&websocket=wss://$($mks.Host)/($mks.Port);$($mks.Ticket)"
& "$vmrcPath" $parameter

The script should be pretty self explanatory. You need to have PowerCLI for vCloud Director installed and be logged in (as tenant or system admin).

$vm variable contains the VM for which you want to open the console. $vrmcPath is the path to the locally installed VMware Remote Console application. Next you need to acquire VM’s MKS ticket and with little manipulation send it to the application as a parameter.


One thought on “PowerCLI: Open vCloud Director VM in Standalone VM Console

  1. Needs small correction in the line 5
    $ is missing before ($mks.Port)

    I have corrected in the line below
    $parameter = “vmrc://$($mks.Host)/?thumbprint=$($thumbprint)&path=$($mks.Vmx)&websocket=wss://$($mks.Host)/$($mks.Port);$($mks.Ticket)”
    & “$vmrcPath” $parameter

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