vCloud Director 9: Create VXLAN Network Pool

vCloud Director uses Network Pools to create programmatically on-demand L2 networking segments for Org VDC and vApp networks. Network pools can be based on VLANs, VXLAN, port groups and legacy (deprecated) vCloud Network isolation (VCDNI) technology.

VXLAN Network Pool is recommended to be used as it scales the best. Until version 9, vCloud Director would create new VXLAN Network Pool automatically for each Provider VDC backed by NSX Transport Zone (again created automatically) scoped to cluster that belong to the particular Provider VDC. This would create multiple VXLAN network pools and potentially confusion which to use for a particular Org VDC.

In vCloud Director 9 we have the option to create our own VXLAN network pool backed by a NSX Transport Zone manually created and scoped to clusters we want to (and using any control plane mode).

During creation of Provider VDC we then have a choice to create a new VXLAN Network Pool (the legacy behavior) or use an existing one.

Advantages of the new feature are:

  • No more clutter of large amount of VXLAN network pools (if there are many Provider VDCs)
  • Simpler way to use hybrid or unicast control plane modes (vCloud Director would always default to multicast before)
  • Control over scope of VXLAN networks – especially useful for sharing Org VDC networks between Org VDCs from different Provider VDCs.
  • Adhering to best practice of scoping transport zone to whole vDS (more here)

7 thoughts on “vCloud Director 9: Create VXLAN Network Pool

  1. So Tom, prior to 9.0 when you create a Pvdc a new transport zone will be created and assigned automatically.Hence communication within the same org using 2 different Pvdcs would require crossing transport zones / ESGs.
    In 9.0 can we have 2 different Pvdcs on the same transport zone? in other words leverage the DLR for east-west traffic across 2 different Pvdcs?
    On another note, in my lab I manually created the transport zone from NSX and in VCD 9.0 the option to select the VXLAN network from existing pool list is always greyed out. What am I doing Wrong?

  2. Tom,

    Will this function work with vCD9.0 on vSphere 6.0u2? Meaning can we upgrade to 9.0 to get this functionality and then migrate from vCDNI to VXLAN?

  3. Thank you – can you confirm what is the purpose of the gateway in the vCD 9.0 VXLAN network pool creation?

  4. Hi Tomas. I am already running VCD 9.0, and vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, with ESXi 6.0U2 hosts. All running fine here, however we are now attempting to add 6.5U1 hosts, and also upgrade existing hosts from 6.0U2 to 6.5U1, but new hosts are unable to prep. I’ve read the VMware KB2148381, and also your article about legacy VCDNI migration being deprecated after VCD 8.0. Are you able to assist/advise on how one can get 6.5U1 hosts into my VCD 9.0 environment? Many thanks

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