vCloud Networking and Security Upgrade to NSX in vCloud Director Environments – Update

vCNS to NSXIn April I wrote whitepaper describing all considerations that need to be taken when upgrading vCloud Networking And Security to NSX in vCloud Director Environments. I have updated the whitepaper to include additional information related to new releases:

  • updates related to vCloud Director 8.10 release
  • update related to VMware NSX 6.2.3 release
  • updates related to vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.7.1 release
  • NSX Edge Gateway upgrade script example
  • extended upgrade scenario to include vCloud Director 8.10

The whitepaper will be posted later this month on vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers website, until then it can be downloaded from the link below.

Edit 7/17/2016: New vCAT website is up

VMware vCloud Networking and Security to VMware NSX Upgrade v2.1.pdf … link

6 thoughts on “vCloud Networking and Security Upgrade to NSX in vCloud Director Environments – Update

  1. Hi, is there a way to actually migrate from vCDNI to VXLAN? We’re having hundreds of templates connected to the org. network that were created with vCDNI. Thanks!

    1. Migration of VCDNI based Org VDC networks is difficult. As you can use VCDNI next to VXLAN (even with NSX) I would recommend to change all Org VDCs to use VXLAN network pool and leave old VCDNI Org VDC networks intact. Future releases of vCloud Director might have more migration options.

  2. Hi, Tomas.

    We prepare our infrastructure for migrate to NSX and vCD 8.10(8.20). Now I test migration process in lab. After upgrade vCNS 5.5.4 to NSX 6.2.5 needed upgrade NSX VIB on hosts. But after I start upgrade process, task “Upgrade agent” failed with status “Cannot complete the operation”. I move host into Maintenance Mode and repeat task – same result.
    In total, task complete only if I manually remove old (legacy) vib’s from host and manually install NSX vib’s (esx-vxlan, esx-vsip, esx-vdpi). What am I doing wrong?

    And second question: Is there any way to change it VMKNic IP Addressing from DHCP (inherited from vCNS) to IP Pool without “Unconfigure” VXLAN Transport on cluster?
    I try make it through API (https://nsxmanager/api/2.0/nwfabric/configure) but failed. Maybe you know how it make?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Tom,

    could you please direct me to documentation that you would recommend with regards to the architecture and installation of vCloud Director 8.20 with NSX 6.3.


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