vCloud Networking and Security Upgrade to NSX in vCloud Director Environments

Just a short post to link (Edit 8/2/2016 read here for updated link) a new whitepaper I wrote about upgrade of vCloud Networking and Security to NSX in vCloud Director Environment.

It discusses:

  • interoperability and upgrade path
  • impact of network virtualization technologies (Nexus 1000V,VCDNI)
  • migration considerations
  • migrations scenario with minimal production impact

VMware vCloud Director® relies on VMware vCloud® Networking and Security or VMware NSX® for vSphere® to provide abstraction of the networking services. Until now, both platforms could be used interchangeably because they both provide the same APIs that vCloud Director uses to provide networks and networking services.
The vCloud Networking and Security platform end-of-support (EOS) date is 19 September 2016. Only NSX for vSphere will be supported with vCloud Director after the vCloud Networking and Security end-of-support date.
To secure the highest level of support and compatibility going forward, all service providers should migrate from vCloud Networking and Security to NSX for vSphere. This document provides guidance and considerations to simplify the process and to understand the impact of changes to the environment.
NSX for vSphere provides a smooth, in-place upgrade from vCloud Networking and Security. The upgrade process is documented in the corresponding VMware NSX Upgrade Guides (versions 6.0 , v6.1 , 6.2 ). This document is not meant to replace these guides. Instead, it augments them with specific information that applies to the usage of vCloud Director in service provider environments.

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2 thoughts on “vCloud Networking and Security Upgrade to NSX in vCloud Director Environments

  1. Hi Tom.

    I would like to ask whether there is a script to upgrade to NSX6.2 in Cross-VC mode for existing bundles vCenter6.0 + vCNS 5.5.4 + vCD 8.0?

    We have two such configurations, and vCenters operate in Enhanced Linked Mode.

    1. You would basically upgrade first VC then the second. After that you can set up single NSX domain with one NSX Manager being primary and the other secondary. Note that VCD cannot create universal objects, but can consume universal logical switches as external networks.

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