vRealize Automation with Multiple Cloud Endpoints

One of my customers had deployed true hybrid vRealize Automation with multiple cloud endpoints: vCloud Air and internal vCloud Director and AWS. I was called in to troubleshoot strange issue where sometimes deployment of a cloud multimachine blueprint (vApp) would work but most often it would fail with the following message:

VCloud Clone VM failed for machine: XXX100 [Workflow Instance Id=19026]
System.InvalidOperationException: Error occurred while getting vApp template with ID: urn:vcloud:vapptemplate:a21de50d-8b5e-41a6-81d1-acfd8ab8364b

INNER EXCEPTION: com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.utility.VCloudException: [ 8ae6fbca-e0d2-43e7-bc94-5bc9d776bf8d ] No access to entity “com.vmware.vcloud.entity.vapptemplate:a21de50d-8b5e-41a6-81d1-acfd8ab8364b”

Endpoint was properly configured, template existed, so what could be wrong? Why were we denied the access to the template?

It turns out that by design vRealize Automation does not match a template to a particular endpoint. It identifies it just by name. So in our case sometimes it would try to deploy the blueprint to wrong endpoint where the template of the particular name did not exist.

The fix is simple:

  • Define reservation policies which would identify each endpoint.
  • Assign them to the proper reservationsReservation
  • Assign reservation policies to the Cloud vApp blueprint. This way there will never be confusion from which template to provision to which endpoint.Blueprint reservation policy

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