vCloud Director: Online Migration of Virtual Data Center – Part II

About two years ago I have written a blog post describing how service provider (with cloud based on vCloud Director) can replace hardware without tenants actually noticing this. The provider can stand up new vSphere cluster with new hardware and migrate whole Provider VDC to it with running virtual machines. In my mind this is one of the distinguishing features from other cloud management systems.

Recently I had an opportunity to test this in large environment with vCloud Director 5.5 and would like to report how it is even more simplified compared to vCloud Director 5.1 which the former post was based on. No more API calls are needed and everything can be done from vCloud Administrator GUI in the following five steps:

  1. Prepare new cluster and create new provider VDC on it.
  2. Merge it with the old provider VDC. Disable its resource pool(s).
    Merge PVDCs
  3. Migrate all VMs from the old resource pool to the new one in vCloud Director (not in vSphere!!!)
    Migrate VMs
  4. Redeploy all Edge Gateways running on the old hardware.
  5. Detach the old resource pool.
    Detaching Resource Pool

While the first 4 steps are identical as in vCloud Director 5.1 the step 5 is where the simplification is. The last step takes care of both migration of catalog templates and deletion of shadow VMs.

As before this is possible only with Elastic VDCs (Pay-As-You-Go or Elastic Allocation Pool).



22 thoughts on “vCloud Director: Online Migration of Virtual Data Center – Part II

  1. From your naming convention, it looks as though the source VDC ran Nexus 1000v and the destination is on vDS. Can you live migrate VMs between the two clusters and move VMs between Nexus and vDC at the same time?

  2. Is it possible to merge a provider VDC with VCenter 5.5 and VCenter 6.0? The VCenter 5.5 is running with VShield Manager and VCenter 6.0 will run NSX Manager. Can we still achieve the similar result on migration?

  3. I am unable to disable the old resource pool as it is labeled as the “Primary” resource pool. The only one I can disable is the new one i’ve merged. Ideas?

  4. hi this fails for me at step 3 when attempting to migrate VMs. I get java.lang.runtimeexception

    Using vCD 8.20

  5. “The last step takes care of both migration of catalog templates and deletion of shadow VMs.”
    How can we migrate all templates and media files of clients when we merging PVDC?

  6. If I want to migrate customer’s VMs and nsx-v network VMs in vcloud director from old to new hosts, wouldn’t it be OK to just put new hosts in the same vcenter cluster as old ones and then migrate VMs in vcenter (old hosts would be put in maintenance mode)? What problems can I expect by doing so? Thanks!

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