Automate ESXi Host VTEP Default Gateway

As discussed in my older article VXLAN routed transport network requires to set default gateway of vxlan stack on each ESXi host. While NSX has concept of IP Pools which allows automatic VTEP configuration (including gateway), older vCloud Network and Security (vShield) technology does not have this feature and VTEP IP address must be configure via DHCP or manually.

Following quick and dirty PowerCLI script shows how this can be automated at cluster level:

$hosts = Get-Cluster Cluster1 |Get-VMHost
foreach($vihost in $hosts){
$esxcli = get-vmhost $vihost | Get-EsxCli
$"","vxlan")|format-list IPv4Address

The script sets vxlan stack default gateway to on each host in the cluster ‘Cluster1‘ and displays each host name, VTEP IP address and vxlan routing table.

VXLAN Routing Script

Credit for esxcli to PowerCLI command conversion goes to




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