vCloud Connector in Multisite Environment with Single VC

I have received an interesting question. Customer has single vCenter Server environment with large number of sites. Can they use vCloud Connector Content Sync to keep templates synced among the sites?

The answer is yes but the set up is not so straight forward. vCloud Connector client does not allow registration of multiple nodes pointing to the same end-point (vCenter Server). The workaround is to fool vCloud Connector by using different FQDNs for the same end-point (IP address). Example:,, all pointing to the same IP address. This will obviously impact SSL certificate verification which must be turned of or the vCenter Server certificates must include all those alternative names in S.A.N. attribute.

So the customer would deploy vCloud Connector node in each site, register it with the central vCenter Server always using different FQDN. Then in vCloud Connector client each site would look like a different vCenter Server and the Content Sync could be set up.


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