Improve vSphere Web Client Performance

I was always bothered by slow performance of my lab installation of vSphere Web Client (version 5.5). Although my lab is small I have large number of plugins. I use the Windows installable version which is running together with vCenter, Inventory service, Update Manager and database server.

I noticed that the Java process was using over 1 GB of RAM. The fix was simple – add more memory to the VM and to Web Client Tomcat server:

Edit wrapper.conf file which is located in C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphereWebClient\server\bin\service\conf.

and increase

in the JVM Memory section. I increased the value to 3072m.


7 thoughts on “Improve vSphere Web Client Performance

  1. Thanks for sharing. Any metrics on the overall performance increase? How much faster load, response, etc would be interesting information.

  2. Nice trick. Do you know how to disable the vSphere Client check for version 10 so you can manage boxes from vSphere client? We ran into an issue using distributed switch, vsphere was offline, no web interace was available. We reverted or at least tried to a stand-alone switch when connecting directly to the host. Web client has some ways to go for maturity.

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