VMware View Administrator Login Problem

VMware is slowly changing the way all its products are administered. Thick clients represented by VMware vSphere Client are replaced by rich web based GUI with Adobe Flash or Air plugins. For example the VMware View Administrator interface requires Internet Explorer 7/8 or Firefox 3.0 or 3.5 with Adobe Flash Player 10. With this supported combination I opened the admin page at the View Connection server and was greeted by this:

However after entering username and password and clicking Login button nothing was happening. No error message that would help me was displayed. I tried all supported browsers, reinstalled Flash Player searched VMware Knowledge Base and still nothing. Then I found the fix:

Right click the login dialog. As this is Flash object you will see Adobe Flash Player context menu. Select Settings, click the third icon called Local Storage, uncheck the Never Ask Again checkbox and move the slider to the right.

I hope this will save time to other people having the same problem as me.


2 thoughts on “VMware View Administrator Login Problem

  1. I get VIEW requires Adobe Player 10 or above. I have installed 10.3 and still cannot get the LOGIN for Admin. Any ideas ?

    1. Hey!
      Another Thing that solved my problem:
      Right Click and instead of choosing “Settings”, choose “global Settings”. in the upcomming Windows menu check “allow Websites to save information…” and click “delete all”.
      After a restart of the Browser (IE9.0 32Bit) i was finally able to login!


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