vShield Troubles

I have recently installed VMware vCloud Director on ESXi server in my home lab. However this is not what I want to blog about today. Yesterday I rebooted the ESXi server and all the vCloud Director related changes were gone – the Oracle DB VM, vCloud Director, vShield Manager and vShield appliance were not registered in the inventory. That would not be so bad as that the virtual network did not work at all. I could not ping any virtual machine. And because I run vCenter virtual I was in very bad situation.

I knew that my problem was because of vShield related changes vCloud Director did to the networking. The vShiled internal switch was gone. So I though I had two options. Either to get vShield working again from command line or to reinstall ESXi. I tried both however was not successful on any of them. I was surprised that newly reinstalled ESXi with the old VMs did not fix the networking. And then I noticed this:

All the virtual NIC of all the VMs were disconnected. So I checked the connected checkbox but the setting would not stick.

Then I checked the .vmx files of all the VMs and noticed vShield related changes to the networking.

ethernet0.filter0.name = “vshield-dvfilter-module”
ethernet0.filter0.param1 = “uuid=52393e32-ee4f-4420-808d-dd2683015301.000”

I removed the two entries as seen in the next screenshot rebooted the VM and finaly the network was working again.


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